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when it gets towards the end of term




January 15, 1929: Martin Luther King, Jr. is born.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

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Search Engine

First poem in a while. Thought I’d try something a bit different.


boobs, enter

big boobs, enter

"big" boobs, enter

porn, enter

porn big boobs, enter

how do i feed a hedgehog, enter

how do i feed a hedgehog, enter

fish and chips, enter

battle of waterloo, enter

funny pics of cats, enter

cats with funny hat, enter

hitler foreign policy, enter

hitler funny pic, enter

bowling, enter

directions: current location to mcdonalds, enter

directions: current location to mordor, enter

hobbit showings, enter

boobs, enter

porn, enter,

snickers, enter

snickers, chocolate, enter

does capital leters help search, enter



jessica ennis (olimpics), enter

images: jessica ennis, enter

jessica ennis naked, enter

jessica ennis “naked”, enter

how do you get a girl to like you, enter

good pick up lines, enter

define: flirt, enter

how do you get muscles, enter

how do you get a girl number, enter

leonardo dicaprio movies, enter

james franco movies, enter

leonardo boat film, enter

kate winslet boob scene, enter

real life titanic, enter

titanic conspiracy theories, enter

magna carta when, enter

boobs, enter

wikipedia, enter

can hedgehogs get sick, enter

good knock knock jokes, enter

do girls like funny people, enter

what does IDGAF stand for, enter

jessica ennis naked, enter

maps colon nearest gym, enter

images titantic, enter

can you bury hedgehogs, enter

do you bury hedgehogs, enter

cute hedgehog youtube, enter

define: buoyant, enter

maps: restaurnt, enter

yelp dot com, enter

boobs, enter,

first date tips, enter

what do yo usay on a first date, enter

when do you get to touch boobs second base???, search

good flowers, enter

good shoes, enter

shoe reviews, enter

liam neeson movies, enter

second date tips, enter

2013 & BeyondRight. Hello. It’s been a long time, how have you been? (more…)View Post

2013 & Beyond

Right. Hello. It’s been a long time, how have you been? (more…)

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Doctor Who

I have problems with it. I do. A lot. Moffat is sometimes this sexist, rabidly anti-asexual contrived bullshitter and, yet, in all of the tangles and knots he manages to create a 78 minute absolute fangasm. I shrieked in pure joy, I lost my marbles and had to try very hard not to sob too loudly. I won’t forgive him for his social idiocies but I will happily tip my hat that he finally bridged Classical and New Who.

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Reading my old poetry and laughing in sheer embarrassment. I considered deleting it but I’m just going to let all of the poems stay online as a hidden, pretentious and often grammatically incorrect welcomes. 



If this isn’t the best analogy for the government shutdown, I just don’t know what is.

Click here to watch the entire segment.

This. This. Just shows how petty things have gotten in politics. 

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A goodbye of sorts


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